Saturday, January 30, 2010

photo of the week

I'm cheating this week as I've got two photos.

 I've chosen this one of the fungi growing on one of the 'stepping stones' across the front lawn for two reasons, the main one being I like the picture and the other is to see if anypne out there can identify them and tell me if I should worry about them being in my garden.

And these are the first snowdrops to appear. One day there was no sign of them and the next they looked like this!


  1. I have no idea what the fungi are, but I bet Curbstone Valley Farm can. She has been posting on fungi and seems to know quite a lot about them. I have a few fungi sprouting near a couple of my flagstones also. I don't mind them; I think they are interesting. Of course, this is in the woods, not my lawn!

  2. Sorry, can't help with the fungi either but perhaps this site could be useful:

    My snow drops have just poked their heads out too. They're very late, behind the crocuses in development.

    Loved the pics of your Smudge below. The bad cat! I hope the spugs were safe.

  3. The spugs were teasing him, waiting til he got near then flying to the furthest branches and waiting for him to get to them again! They kept each other amused all afternoon!