Friday, April 8, 2011

With a little help from my friends

My push bike had a puncture, Finn thought he'd like to help mend it. No Finn that's the wrong wheel!

That's right, it's the back one that needs fixing.

Smudge isn't impressed, never mind the ball Finn, get on with the job!

Job done we can get on with planting a weeping willow tree my friend gave me when she moved, now were shall we put it? The problem is I have a small garden which already has an Ash tree and a cherry tree in the front and a quite large willow in the back, the only suitable place in the back would shade my sitting place (and we can't have that!), so after careful deliberation Finn decided it should go by the side of the front path just were the fork is, I hope it really is a dwarf tree!

Another job finished, Finn really has been a big help today! He looks very pleased with himself doesn't he?

And just to finish up, these are the only two remaining Fritillaries, there used to be quite a few scattered round the lawn.