Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My August Garden

Finn by the front gate. The roses have been spectacular this year.
Last year something ate the flowers on the lilies. This year only 1 out of 3 survived and has been quite tall and leggy.
The fuchsias seem to like this spot by the coal bunker.
Looking towards the front gate. The stonecrop has done well this year.
I've seen more butterflies in the garden this year than I have for quite a few years now. There have been lots of Red Admirals, Peacocks and Cabbage Whites. Not quite so many small Tortoiseshell and quite a few of the brown one's who flit by too quickly to be identified properly.

They all love the Buddlea but seem to prefer the front garden to the back.

The Jasmine seems to be taking over the back garden this year. But I don't mind, I love the smell as I sit here with a book and a glass of wine.