Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another miserable  wet day to start the new year, the back garden is a horrible, soggy mess apart from letting Rogan out I'm not going out there any more than necessary. 

The front garden is faring slightly better, I think the ash tree keeps the ground a bit dryer although that's having a struggle with the amount ot water coming out of the sky just lately .
Thereare a few bright spots out here now, the elephants ears have a couple of flowers to greet visitors as they come through the front gate. 

The witch hazel is starting to come into flower, brightening up a grey day. 

And this little cyclamen is struggling bravely on. 

The front lawn is a bit waterlogged, but I have to walk across it to refill the birds feeders. 

The twisted hazel looks fantastic with the rain glistening on the stem. She's starting to come into bud now. 

Look at that sky 

The helebores are starting to blossom now, the pale creamy ones appearing before the darker ones.
This one was transferred from the back garden about a month ago. She doesn't seem t mind being disturbed. 

A cheeky staring is feasting on the peanuts 

while the sparrows queue up in the cherry tree for the seed Inn the feeder. 

And in the back garden a little bluetit enjoys the peanuts in peace. 

Even on a miserable wet day there's always something happening in the garden. 

Happy New Year.