Saturday, April 9, 2016

Here are some photos from the garden this morning. We had our first fall of snow today, at one point it looked as though it was going to be set in for the day,but once the shower passed the snow was gone within 30 minutes. 

I love these daffodils. 

The primroses are doing well this year. 

Looks like spring. 

Forget me not amongst the mint 

Love the way the rain brings out the colour of my twisted hazel.

Sky looks absolutely full of snow. 

Love this double daffodil, picked them up in an end of season sale yesterday for 40p a pot. 

We had chicken wars on Wednesday and I had to split them up, so Mrs. Cluckalot and Chuck Chuck are still in Cluckalot Mansion  hidden away at the end of the garden, 

while poor Hetty, who is the only one laying is on her own in this borrowed slum in full view on the lawn. The others have been attacking her and she has a big bald patch on her back. She stopped laying for a couple of days but gave me a lovely blue egg for my breakfast this morning. 

And lastly I took this a few days ago. The frogspawn has hatched and there are millions of tadpoles swimming about.