Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday breakfast in the garden in November! Unbelievable, but I'm making the most of the mild weather although it was rather overcast yesterday morning  that didn't matter as the sun is so low now it only hits the far hedge leaving the majority of  the garden in shade. I've put a new fence up so Rogan can't get out now and he can be with me out there so I'm spending more time outside. I've cleared the end of the garden, breaking up the slum of a chicken run and shredding the pile of prunings dumped there. A trip to my favourite garden centre and I have a bright patch of cyclamen to cheer me up while enjoying my morning coffee,

 And another patch of later flowering cyclamen to follow on when the first patch finishes.

 Also a couple of pyracantha to provide berries for the birds.

 The mahonia is coming into flower,so all in all I should have a nice bright patch to gaze on from my bedroom window even when the weather keeps me inside.

And I couldn't resist this colourful heron, he's keeping watch over the tadpoles in the old bath.