Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rain and shine.

 I was a big fan of recycling long before it became fashionable and when I was given an old cast iron bath many years ago I decided it was just the thing for tadpoles.

Now although the water is an interesting green colour it is home for quite a few creatures.
 These two frogs spent an entire afternoon basking in the sun. The one in the water was much more confident than the one on the side.
 It's good to see my friend the newt is still about. I waited so long for one to make it's home with me.
This is the very first time I've seen a damselfly in my garden. I recently bought a water lilly I wonder if the larvae was in that. 

There are still a few tadpoles swimming about and a couple of waterboatmen.
That was all happening in the sun last weekend. This Saturday I bought a mini greenhouse. It just fits next to the new door in the shed. I'd love a proper greenhouse but apart from not being able to afford one I don't know where I'd put it.
Today I decided to visit our local garden centre as heavy showers were forecast. This is a major expedition involving two buses each way with a considerable wait between connections. It is nearly two hours at the garden centre before the bus back to Cardigan so lunch in the cafe there is a major part of the plan . Luckily as I had an old bus timetable a gardening friend came past while I was waiting for the bus and she decided she'd like to go as well so we went in her car. We still had lunch there as they do a rather good jacket potato with loads of ham and coleslaw filling. .I bought a cucumber plant, , a coupleof pepper plants and chilli plants for my mini greenhouse and some spinach, Swiss chard and beetroot for the slugs. ..I mean the vegetable patch and against all my principles some slug pellets so look out you slimy slugs.