Friday, March 5, 2010

This was the frogspawn this morning, all frozen .I hope the frogs knew what they were doing when they laid it, but I supose they know more about it than I do!
 Although it was cold this morning it has been another beautiful day, quite warm in the sun. Tara cat is making the most of it amongst the wallflowers, which haven't been as good this year as they were last year.I had a Royal Doulton plate which got broken, so I 'planted' it in the garden amongst the wallflowers, Tara has knocked it over to sit on! She's a weird cat....
 A neighbour was going to throw this wheelbarrow out, so I rescued it and it has proved itself worth it's weight in gold when I was moving the compost heap. This was a job I did last week. I have 2 bins and usually I fill one up, then turn it into the other one before starting on the second one and by the time the second one is full the first is ready to use, however something went a bit wrong this time and I started the second one before I'd filled the first one properly so it never got turned. Also I didn't aerate it as much as usual and not having my car any more I haven't brought any horse muck back from the field to get it started, with the result that there was only about a foot of usable stuff in the bottom. However both bins have now been moved from the path at the side of the house to the end of the back garden where I combined both bins into one ready to start the process anew. When I went to give it a bit of a stir to aerate it and mix it up a bit it had settled by about 6'' so I hope it is working properly now.

 Today the wheelbarrow was poised for action again. I decided it was such a nice day I would do a bit of weeding. A few years ago I had just one of these hedgerow plants growing in my front garden and I thought I'd leave it, big mistake! There are now literally millions of them and it is impossible to dig them up as they have really long, brittle roots so Every so often I have a mad weeding fit where I try to deprive them of as many leaves as I can!

 It's really hard getting all of them out without pulling up my snowdrops which are hiding amongst the euphorbia.

I found this slug and woodlice hiding under this piece of wood. I don't like slugs, but I don't like killing anything unless I'm going to eat it, so the wood and all it's inhabitants got moved to the compost heap!
After all this exertion It was time for coffee on the seat under the Ash tree. Smudge is just looking after it for me, while Finn keeps an eye on him!

And the crows keep an eye on us all!
Lastly, what do you do with all those Buddlea prunings? I usually cut them up for kindling, but I have a few years backlog to catch up on, they burn really well if left to dry out for a year ( or several) but the fire needs constant attention as they burn really quickly so I'm afraid I don't make the best use of them that way, but I remembered seeing a program on recycling Christmas trees and one of the ideas was to use them as a support for climbers to make a form of hedging. Not liking throwing things away if they can be re-used added to the fact that my back fence is collapsing and I have several honeysuckle cuttings which I don't know where to put I think I may have an answer for this years batch.
Here they are piled up against the fence, ready for the honeysuckle to be transplanted when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

photo of the week

The frogspawn has appeared overnight on the pond. Ihope the heavy frost we had hasn't killed it!