Thursday, September 26, 2013

A little blue tit came knocking on the window yesterday, so I washed the feeders and hung them up today. These 3 I can see from the kitchen window. 
 This 1 I can't see from the house at all but the bluetits like it here as the sparrows don't seem to use it as much as the one by the front door.
 This 1 is right by the front door and usually has flocks of sparrows on it.
I haven't forgotten the Robins and blackbirds. I scatter Robin food and windfall apples on the front lawn for them.
There are still quite a few butterflies about. Although the Buddlea has almost finished the ice plants are in flower now to keep them going for a while longer.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look who I found munching his way through my fuchsias a few days ago. Who would have thought he will turn into this

The Elephant Hawk Moth .
 He will have a wing span of 65_70mm and will live in hedgerows, rough grassland, woodland clearings and my garden. As well as my fuchsia he likes to eat willowherb and will fly from May to June. 
Why don't I mind him eating my fuchsia but not slugs?