Monday, October 10, 2011

A Windy Morning in the Garden

Last year I didn't take any Geranium or Fuchsia cuttings as I had taken quite a few the year before, but I stupidly left them all outside over winter and lost all the geraniums. Most of the Fuchsias survived but were very late flowering so today I managed to beg a few cuttings from a neighbour and have potted them up in  improvised incubators and put them on a windowsill. I will do some more later and also some Fuchsias.

This is one of the cuttings I took a couple of years ago and had a go at training into a standard. Not bad for a first attempt, even if it has got a kink in the stem. I'll have another go this year with a different variety.

It was very windy today, but this part of the garden, apart from being very untidy is very sheltered, so I decided to make room for the two Chrysanthemums in the picture above which  I bought yesterday.

Elijah's Tears was always too close to Mahonia, so I moved him a little way away. I hope he isn't too upset, he will have more room and not be battered against Mahonias sharp leaves anymore. Finn decided after all that hard wok it was time for a tea break!

Job done. Chrysanths planted were I can enjoy them whilst having my tea break, some crocus scattered and planted around them and some of the Brompton Stock seedlings I started a couple of months ago planted as well. I hope they'll be alright they seem very small to survive the winter and the slugs.

And lastly this fungi is growing on one of my Buddlea bushes. Does anyone know what it is and if I should worry about it?