Sunday, June 19, 2016

Firstly let's get the sad news out of the way. The council made me get rid of the chickens as they're considered to be farm animals not pets so the garden is a sad place now which I haven't wanted to spend a lot of time in however life goes on and yesterday was a beautiful day so I sat out,had lunch outside and did a bit of tidying up. It hasn't stopped growing just because I haven't been out there!

Here's some of the little visitors to the garden who were keeping me company . The bees were very industrious buzzing from plant to plant gathering pollen.

A little sparrow on the telephone wire 

Two frogs catching the sun,they sit so still and quietly usually you only know they're there when you hear the splash as they jump back in.

Daddy blackbird with baby 

Just managed to get baby as they flew off. 

And this little sparrow has an insect in its mouth, must have a nest nearby. 

A quick look at what'shappening around the garden. The Rosa rugosa are in flower and keeping the bees busy,

honeysuckle is in bud. Wish I could capture the scent as I walk up the garden path and post it here.

Thought I'd lost this shy little Clematis. 

My David Austin rose with the name I can never pronounce.

Another David Austin rose, Lady Emma Hamilton. Thought she'd died last year but I took her out of the ground and put her in a pot with a lot of manure and she's come back to life. 

I cut some branches off my willow and found loads of these little green blobs underneath the leaves. Apparently they're the larvae of the Willow Sawfly, Pontania Pendunculi. ..Thanks for that Dorothy.