Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Despite the endless wet and windy weather that we're 'enjoying 'there are a few brave plants flowering in the front garden. I don't think I've managed to get out to do anything other than scurry round to the coal bunker to get the çoal in all month.
The helebores are well in flower now although quite a few of the new ones didn't make it.😭 

I really must find out who this is as she's a lovely, cheerful sight as I open the front door. 

Hyacinths are shooting upamongst the roses. 

This cyclamen has been battling the elements all winter. A lovely cheery splashof colour as I look out of the living room window. 

As is the witch hazel, although she's going over a bit now, but the euphorbia are beginning to show now. 

I don't know what has happened to the kaffir lilies along the path, but this one in a pot is putting them to shame. 
                                       The elephants ears are still grating visitors through the gate,if somewhat unenthusiastically.

 Not a lot happening in the back garden at the moment,

Except these little crocus outside the back door  which I noticed this morning. 

And here are some of my feathered friends who have been visiting all winter.