Saturday, June 8, 2013

Food for thought

Once again I am starting the season off full of enthusiasm, ok I know it's a bit late but every thing is a month late this year anyway. I went to the car boot sale yesterday and got a few runner bean plants, broad beans and peas. I have planted them in pots and drenched them in garlic tea to try to keep the slugs at bay.

To make garlic tea take a few cloves of garlic and crush then cover with boiling water and leave to cool. When cold dilute and spray over plants. Do this weekly or as needed. I am still testing to see if it works but it is meant to be a stimulate for the plants any way.
I also got a couple of tomato plants and a chilli plant for the window sill. I wanted some courgettes as well but apparently it's too late for them, good job I planted some seeds a few days ago!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sunny days in my garden

At last we are having a summer! The sun has been shining for nearly two weeks now and the garden is loving it. The Aquilegas are a mass of purple and the bees are busy buzzing from plant to plant.                  
 The clematis is in full bloom, although I don't think it's quite as prolific as usual.

 Two spiders fighting over one web!
 An Aquilega looking down on me as I lay in the sun
  Smudge sunning himself on one of the chairs I have just re oiled. I have managed to get the rest of the chairs and the coal bunker lid repainted as well.        
 And lastly Smudge and Finn enjoying the sun...just what my garden is all about.