Sunday, December 10, 2017

Woke up to this scene in the garden today, but althouh the snow carried on all day it never settled properly.

The feeders were busy all day. This one had been filled 2 hours earlier.

Altogether I filled two of the feeders three times each.
 But it was worth it to have this beauty come back again in the afternoon.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some of the lunchtime action in the garden today.
The starlings have monopoly on the fat balls in the back garden.

But in the front garden the smaller birds are having a feast. I haven't seen many chaffinch for quite a time now, hopefully this one will tell his friends to come along as well

One of many blue tits, also a few visiting great tits who didn't hang around to have their photo taken.

But look, only the third bullfinch I've ever seen in the garden

And really special, this is the first goldfinch I've seen in the front garden, I've briefly spotted them in the back though.

The usual flocks of sparrows are ever present along with Mr and Mrs blackbird and Mr robin.
Meanwhile back in the back garden the starlings are still squabbling over the fat balls.

Everyone is extra hungry in this cold weather.