Saturday, February 13, 2010

photo(s) of the week

It was a lovely day today and I went a bit mad with the camera, so there are quite a few photos this week.

First of all, Finn's agility equipment seems to have taken over the front lawn.

 The Chives I thought I'd lost seem to be crowing quite well  with the help of the cockle shell!
 The clematis cutting seems to have taken, but I'll put her cloche back over her for a while longer to keep her warm until spring really is here.
 The daffodils think Spring is here even if there is ice on the pond in the mornings.
 This little fish is looking a bit lost.
Smudge and Finn.
 My little green dragon guarding my candle making shed.
 The Honeysuckle cuttings I took last year seem to have taken, where on earth am I going to put them all. (there's another pot of them aswell!)
 This Iris has never flowered for me despite being moved to several different places in the garden, maybe the wizard sharing the pot will cast a spell and encourage her to bloom.
 Finn is keeping an eye on me from inside. (I love the mixture of reflection and view through the window into the room and further into the street beyond in this one)
Let sleeping dragons lie.
 Do you get the impression I've got a thing about dragons? This one loves the shade of the Bay bush.
 Smudge lending a helping paw.
 The sun is always shining in my garden!
 And lastly, any ideas what this is?

I don't seem to have done any of the jobs on my list of things to do for last month, so it will remain the same for this month. Snow was the excuse last month, I wonder what this months one  will be?