Thursday, November 13, 2014

No excuse for not getting on with making some candles for Christmas presentsnow. I had a work surface and a couple of cupboards put up in my shed yesterday. Just need a coat of paint and a bit of organising and I'llbe ready to go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

When I prune my roses I hate to throw throw the cuttings away so I stick them in a pot somewhere and forget about them for a couple of years . This little beauty is two years old, I planted her in the ground this summer and this is her first flower. It has a gorgeous scent as well. 

Her sister had three lovely blooms until this morning when I went to take her photo, now all that's left is this pile of petals.

Buddha welcomes visitors to my front door. He's a bit wet this morning but he looks happy enough. 

Moving round to the back garden every thing is looking a bit damp
But the colours of the sedum and the Rosa rugosa leaves really stand out. 

The ajuga and London pride glisten with the rain on their leaves.

The bear's britches has gone to seed now but is still making quite a statement and the mahonia is looking quite impressive as well.

Even on miserable, dull days it's a pleasure walking around the garden even if I don't linger very long! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Autumn Garden

I've been having some problems changing from one blog to another lately and so havenot been able to post anything here for a while but I'be just got a new tablet and hey presto I've not only managed to sign in but to bluetooth this collage of my front garden last month from my phone to the tablet. 

I have stocked up with food for the birds but the starlings are being absolute bullies and keeping everything else away for most of the time.
The grass is still growing and could do with another cut but we have had so much rain lately the ground is too wet to even think about getting the mower out.
I'm really pleased with my new rose bed but more about that in another post when I'vegot some photos on this tablet

Monday, September 22, 2014

The sun is so low now the back garden is in quite a bit of shade now so I moved the small table and chairs from their place in the shade in the back garden round to the sun in the front so I can continue enjoying my lunch in this gorgeous autumn weather. 
After I had eaten I planted some spring bulbs in the new bit of garden. Hyacinth under the roses, daffodils along the hedge and some snakes head fritillary and allium. So much for the vegetable garden! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I have been very lax in posting this summer due to a hitch with my Internet connection and pure laziness.
 We have had a fantastic summer this year and all my fears about my garden losing it's magic have proved unfounded, in fact it seems even more magical. As I open the front gate it seems as though I'm walking into my own private world with butterflies fluttering to greet me.
Here are some of the bugs caught on camera this summer

And some of the stars of the summer

I have managed to tidy the shed and start making my candles again.
And the front garden is beginning to look like a garden again and not a wood yard

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rain and shine.

 I was a big fan of recycling long before it became fashionable and when I was given an old cast iron bath many years ago I decided it was just the thing for tadpoles.

Now although the water is an interesting green colour it is home for quite a few creatures.
 These two frogs spent an entire afternoon basking in the sun. The one in the water was much more confident than the one on the side.
 It's good to see my friend the newt is still about. I waited so long for one to make it's home with me.
This is the very first time I've seen a damselfly in my garden. I recently bought a water lilly I wonder if the larvae was in that. 

There are still a few tadpoles swimming about and a couple of waterboatmen.
That was all happening in the sun last weekend. This Saturday I bought a mini greenhouse. It just fits next to the new door in the shed. I'd love a proper greenhouse but apart from not being able to afford one I don't know where I'd put it.
Today I decided to visit our local garden centre as heavy showers were forecast. This is a major expedition involving two buses each way with a considerable wait between connections. It is nearly two hours at the garden centre before the bus back to Cardigan so lunch in the cafe there is a major part of the plan . Luckily as I had an old bus timetable a gardening friend came past while I was waiting for the bus and she decided she'd like to go as well so we went in her car. We still had lunch there as they do a rather good jacket potato with loads of ham and coleslaw filling. .I bought a cucumber plant, , a coupleof pepper plants and chilli plants for my mini greenhouse and some spinach, Swiss chard and beetroot for the slugs. ..I mean the vegetable patch and against all my principles some slug pellets so look out you slimy slugs. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's so peaceful in the garden this afternoon. 
 The bees are buzzing round the aquilega. All mine are dark but my friend has all light colours so we are going to swap seeds later on.
 Finn and Smudge are quiet as well for a few moments. Even the constant sound of lawnmowers on a council estate has faded into the background.
 Instead of the book and glass of wine for me this afternoon I have been busy. I made two of these candle holders out of garden canes. And the candles, citronella scented, to go in them. They are dead simple to make just split the cane then bind round at the bottom of the split to stop it going any further. Then just put some twine round to keep the glass from falling out.
           Must clean the barbecue next.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The birds and bees, and other things.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day. I was going to take Finn, my german shepherd, to the beach but decided to take a book into the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet there while I can before the workmen start on the house instead. I still don't know when they are going to start so every moment is precious. 

This little bluetit was singing so sweetly to me but he got shy and flew away when I started recording him. 

The bees were making the most of the aquilega flowers now that they have started to flower.
But Finn has got the right idea! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm really chuffed. Lady from the council came round this morning and said I've got a lovely garden.
At last I have managed to get my arch for the clematis back up. It's not the job I intended to do, if I'm honest it's a bit of a botched job but at least it's giving the clematis some support and the garden is beginning to feel like my garden again. 
It was very quiet and peaceful out there yesterday afternoon.
The bluebells are giving a good show now and the aquilega won't be far behind. 
The clematis is a massive bundle of buds. It's a shame I had to disturb it to do the archway. 

The yellow deadnettle gets every where but here under the Rosa rugosa it can't do much damage.
Here is my garden of remembrance. My first dog, Bobby is buried here with Tara the cat across the path. There is a layer of shale about a foot down and it took me and my neighbour ages to dig a hole deep enough. One of us had a shovel and the other an iron bar to break the rock.
Tara's resting place has tulips in flower now.
A little primula hiding amongst taller foliage.
Here's a close up of the clematis buds.
A visitor enjoying the sunshine. Come back little blue butterfly and bring your friends you are very welcome. 

I was weeding in the front garden yesterday evening and the scent of my Daphne outside the front door was delicious intermingled with the wormwood. I think I should always weed in the evening. I opened the front door for Finn this morning and it was raining and the perfume floated in filling the hall.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Last year I went to an open garden day at Dyffryn fernant gardens in Pembrokeshire and was inspired by tubs of pink and black tulips. I bought what was supposed to be pink tulips and black tulips at Pembroke county show at Haverfordwest. Look how they came up. I also bought cream crocus with a hint of pink. They came up pure yellow. Don't think I'll get any more bulbs there again. 

 The daffodils are nearly finished now. These are the latest ones to flower.
 I'm not sure who this beauty is,I think she's a Daphne but could be wrong. Anyway she has the most gorgeous perfume just outside my front door. I'm going to have to move her while the workmen are here.

I found this lone fritillary growing in the woodpile while cutting wood yesterday, then managed to break it!It's in a vase indoors now. Will be getting more for next year. I think they're beautiful.