Friday, April 11, 2014

Last year I went to an open garden day at Dyffryn fernant gardens in Pembrokeshire and was inspired by tubs of pink and black tulips. I bought what was supposed to be pink tulips and black tulips at Pembroke county show at Haverfordwest. Look how they came up. I also bought cream crocus with a hint of pink. They came up pure yellow. Don't think I'll get any more bulbs there again. 

 The daffodils are nearly finished now. These are the latest ones to flower.
 I'm not sure who this beauty is,I think she's a Daphne but could be wrong. Anyway she has the most gorgeous perfume just outside my front door. I'm going to have to move her while the workmen are here.

I found this lone fritillary growing in the woodpile while cutting wood yesterday, then managed to break it!It's in a vase indoors now. Will be getting more for next year. I think they're beautiful. 

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