Monday, April 7, 2014

After the rain

After the rain this morning the sun broke through the clouds and this afternoon was inviting me out into the garden. 

I love the way the rain drops stay on the leaves of the ice plants and this tulip leaf.

 The yellow flag iris has come adrift and needs replanting and weighing down again,  but the rain drops look really beautiful on the leaves floating in the water.
Smudge is enjoying the sun on my chair by Ferrero and Roche's water butt. Ferrero and Roche are happier when the sun is shining and has warmed the water and they are much more active than when the sky is cloudy. 
 Finn tries to get me to throw his squeaky toy but I am busy enjoying doing my cross stitch in the sunshine. The stump of the willow tree may look ugly and scarred but now it's cut down the sun can get to this end of the garden all afternoon.
 A multitude of lady birds were enjoying the sun, here are just two of them basking on the giant leaves of the bears britches.
The frog spawn has hatched and lots of tiny tadpoles are enjoying the sunshine as well.

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