Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At last I have managed to get my arch for the clematis back up. It's not the job I intended to do, if I'm honest it's a bit of a botched job but at least it's giving the clematis some support and the garden is beginning to feel like my garden again. 
It was very quiet and peaceful out there yesterday afternoon.
The bluebells are giving a good show now and the aquilega won't be far behind. 
The clematis is a massive bundle of buds. It's a shame I had to disturb it to do the archway. 

The yellow deadnettle gets every where but here under the Rosa rugosa it can't do much damage.
Here is my garden of remembrance. My first dog, Bobby is buried here with Tara the cat across the path. There is a layer of shale about a foot down and it took me and my neighbour ages to dig a hole deep enough. One of us had a shovel and the other an iron bar to break the rock.
Tara's resting place has tulips in flower now.
A little primula hiding amongst taller foliage.
Here's a close up of the clematis buds.
A visitor enjoying the sunshine. Come back little blue butterfly and bring your friends you are very welcome. 

I was weeding in the front garden yesterday evening and the scent of my Daphne outside the front door was delicious intermingled with the wormwood. I think I should always weed in the evening. I opened the front door for Finn this morning and it was raining and the perfume floated in filling the hall.

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