Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I know my willow tree needed cutting back as it was rotten inside but it looks so ugly at the moment. I spent half an hour this afternoon putting up this screen with some bamboo I cut last year. The idea is that the jasmine and clematis will clamber over it and give me some privacy. As it was a lovely sunny afternoon a glass of wine made from the petals of my David Austen rose Lady Emma Hamilton helped the job along nicely

When the willow  looked more like a tree a Dorothy Perkins rose used to climb through it. I hope I can persuade her to clamber over the stump and soften it a bit until it sends out new shoots and starts to look more like a tree again. 
The mountain of wood covering my front lawn is finally reduced to manageable proportions. I have used some of it to make a small area were I've planted some potatoes. They can break up the ground and next year I was thinking of putting some gorgeous smelling old English roses. 

 With the help of my trusty assistant I've used the Buddlea prunings my neighbour shredded for me last year as a pathway around it.
 The plan is to plant it up with chamomile so it smells lovely as I walk on it. I will get some magic back into my garden again!
But all that will have to wait now as I have just had the letter I have been dreading. The council will be coming soon to put cladding round the house as part of the house improvement scheme. I will have hoards of workmen tramping all over the garden. ...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New life, new hope.

At last there is frogspawn. I thought the frogs had abandoned my garden this year. There isn't as much as usual but I haven't found much in the usual places while out walking the fields with Finn. 

The yellow crocus by my back door are in full flower now. I don't actually remember buying yellow ones, I thought they were meant to be a rather unusual two tone cream and pink!

The daffodils along the fence are making a brave show, but others are not doing so well. I suppose I should be grateful for any at all considering the wet winter we have had this year, it's a wonder they haven't all rotted away. 

The elephant's ears are still giving a good show to greet you as you come in the gate.

And I've tried for years to get a flowering current to grow in my garden. At last success!

As I come out of my front door I'm greeted by the scent of these hyacinths to let me know that spring is really here.

In the back garden these primroses are bravely showing their faces before they get swamped by the columbine which will dominate this bed later on.

And the clematis is coming into bud reminding me to hurry up and remake the archway which should be supporting it.

My poor, devastated garden is starting to fight back and will hopefully look like a garden again soon and not a war zone!