Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The mountain of wood covering my front lawn is finally reduced to manageable proportions. I have used some of it to make a small area were I've planted some potatoes. They can break up the ground and next year I was thinking of putting some gorgeous smelling old English roses. 

 With the help of my trusty assistant I've used the Buddlea prunings my neighbour shredded for me last year as a pathway around it.
 The plan is to plant it up with chamomile so it smells lovely as I walk on it. I will get some magic back into my garden again!
But all that will have to wait now as I have just had the letter I have been dreading. The council will be coming soon to put cladding round the house as part of the house improvement scheme. I will have hoards of workmen tramping all over the garden. ...


  1. The thought of workmen walking all over my garden would stress me out. I hope they don't do too much damage.

  2. I'm dreading it. It's had a lot to put up with this last year. First of all in February the council put new bathroom and kitchen in and they used my garden to mix the cement for the whole road. It just recovered from that and they decided to chop down my beloved ash tree which totally destroyed the whole ambience of the garden. I've only just regained the heart to do anything out there again.

    1. I would have been devastated. I hope you soon get it back to how you like it. It's a real shame about the tree.