Thursday, November 13, 2014

No excuse for not getting on with making some candles for Christmas presentsnow. I had a work surface and a couple of cupboards put up in my shed yesterday. Just need a coat of paint and a bit of organising and I'llbe ready to go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

When I prune my roses I hate to throw throw the cuttings away so I stick them in a pot somewhere and forget about them for a couple of years . This little beauty is two years old, I planted her in the ground this summer and this is her first flower. It has a gorgeous scent as well. 

Her sister had three lovely blooms until this morning when I went to take her photo, now all that's left is this pile of petals.

Buddha welcomes visitors to my front door. He's a bit wet this morning but he looks happy enough. 

Moving round to the back garden every thing is looking a bit damp
But the colours of the sedum and the Rosa rugosa leaves really stand out. 

The ajuga and London pride glisten with the rain on their leaves.

The bear's britches has gone to seed now but is still making quite a statement and the mahonia is looking quite impressive as well.

Even on miserable, dull days it's a pleasure walking around the garden even if I don't linger very long! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Autumn Garden

I've been having some problems changing from one blog to another lately and so havenot been able to post anything here for a while but I'be just got a new tablet and hey presto I've not only managed to sign in but to bluetooth this collage of my front garden last month from my phone to the tablet. 

I have stocked up with food for the birds but the starlings are being absolute bullies and keeping everything else away for most of the time.
The grass is still growing and could do with another cut but we have had so much rain lately the ground is too wet to even think about getting the mower out.
I'm really pleased with my new rose bed but more about that in another post when I'vegot some photos on this tablet