Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Case Of The Missing Bucket

Would you believe it, someone has stolen the yellow bucket you can just about see in the picture of the front hedge in the last entry here which I put over the tree stump until I can remove it so that no one catches their shin on it as they go past! I don't believe it's kids as the baler twine I secured it with has been cut with a sharp knife. Is it paranoid to think it's the same sad person who complained about the hedge in the first place so they can make another complaint?
I've put another bucket over it and secured that with a padlock!

Paranoid or what..........!

After spending all the summer a few years ago thinking I was going out of my mind when a certain person kept reaching over and breaking branches off my Buddlea, I'm not so sure that it is parnoia. It was only when I actually caught them doing it that I could really believe someone could be so petty. I can't help feeling sorry for people who have so little going on in their lives that they have to make trouble for other people.