Thursday, May 1, 2014

The birds and bees, and other things.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day. I was going to take Finn, my german shepherd, to the beach but decided to take a book into the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet there while I can before the workmen start on the house instead. I still don't know when they are going to start so every moment is precious. 

This little bluetit was singing so sweetly to me but he got shy and flew away when I started recording him. 

The bees were making the most of the aquilega flowers now that they have started to flower.
But Finn has got the right idea! 


  1. Dogs always seem to find the best spot don't they? Our Floss used to follow the sun as it gradually moved round during the day, she would never lie in the shade, always full sun.

    1. Finn prefers the shade. ....
      Or thinks I should be playing with him!