Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Bird Garden

What little timewasters the birds are! It was suposed to be a busy day yesterday but there I was sitting looking out of the window instead of giving myself a kickstart.
I put out some new types of food. one of the peanut feeders has sultanas and blackberries aswell as peanuts and I've filled the Niger seed feeder up to try to tempt some Goldfinch into the garden. So far this has not attracted any attention.
What was causing the interest was the mixture I scattered on the ground - mealworms, bread, elderberries and blackberries.
A Thrush and a Blackbird were disputing the mealworms. The Blackbird proved the bolder of the two and the Thrush withdrew. But then the Starlings appeared and Mr. Blackbird wasn't so brave! However the Starlings were more interested in the bread than the mealworms and Mrs. Blackbird proved braver than her husband! Mr. Blackbird and a Robin went to the Ashtree in the front were they had to make do with leftovers from the day before and a fatty cake.
At lunchtime yesterday I burnt the cheese on toast because there were 3 Redwing in the garden! I've not seen 1 before let alone 3! I don't know if it's the berries which have attracted them or if they just saw lots of bird activity here and came to investigate' but anyway they hopped around the edge of the garden underneath the Rosa Rugosa for a while and 1 has come back today but seems to prefer the cherrytree in the front.
There was also a collared Dove who paid a visit yesterday and a Magpie today.

Please excuse the quality of this video. Not only was it taken on an extremely cheap camera but through a not too clean window!


  1. HI: LIZA and JOHN'S GARDEN Enjoyed our first visit to your blog today. You have a good blog. Come on over to our place for a Visit. Say Hi when you do.

    Have a Wonderful Day,

  2. Nice blog. Just gone through the video of bird garden and found it to be wonderful. Everything looks perfect on your blog. The header image of your blog looks great.

  3. Hi, I found you on blotanical and have really enjoyed a tour round your bird garden. I like the idea that your garden knows what it wants to grow. Couldn't get your vid to load unfortunately, (I think the problem is my laptop, it has struggled with vids all day). Look forward to reading more about your bird visitors. Yan

  4. I think the birds have probably put your garden on their 5 star restaurant list! Birds are so much fun to watch. Thanks, I am enjoying reading your blog.