Monday, January 25, 2010

After the snow

Isn't it nice to have a nice sunny day to go and potter in the garden again? I went out this morning to take advantage of the beautiful weather and discovered my Cherry tree had got a catkin!

 Needless to say I spent more time laughing at Smudge as he tried to catch the Sparrows who seemed to be teasing him than actually working.

I thought I had lost my Helebores, but this one seems to be quite happy  although there should be two more to keep her company.

The Aquilegas are growing new shoots aswell, These are popping up all over the garden and make quite a show when they are in flower. The bees love them.
And here is where the Thrush has his dinner at the bottom of the garden. He doesn't seem to have a favorite type of snail judging by the collection of shells, or maybe he was too hungry to worry.

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  1. That's a brave cat! I love aquilegias; they are my favorite flower. I am glad yours are growing. Today I saw the first bud on my hellebores. They have taken a while to become established. i am hoping eventually they will spread to form a ground cover.