Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First of all a big thankyou to everyone from Blotanical who has 'faved' my blog, and for all your comments. I'll get back to you all personally, but at the moment I'm just blown away by your comments.
I was reluctant to start a blog on my garden as I don't feel as though I'm knowledgeable enough to be of interest to all you more profficient gardeners out there. I eventually decided to start it as a personal notebook. In the past I have kept a diary, starting in January and  carrying on until, on a good year, possibly May! I find it really interesting to look back and see what was flowering ( or not) at a given time and each year I wish I had carried on with the diary for longer. Well this is meant to be my inspiration, and now I know there are people out there actually interested it is a big incentive to keep going. Thankyou all.
Here are some of the photos I've taken since the last entry.

This is the front hedge taken through the window. The Geranium flowers are on the windowsill inside. I'm trying to keep them going over winter and have taken a few cuttings for next summer.

This is the Willow tree at the end of the back garden where the Bluetits line up for the feeders, naturally no one is about when I have the camera with me!

A Teasel provides both winter interest and seeds for the birds.

A brave little Primrose with hopes of Spring around the corner.

And a snow covered quiet corner where my first dog is buried. It's my place I go on sunny days to ponder on lifes ups and downs.

And finally, this Thrush caught the snail in the Yellow Flag Iris and very obligingly hung around to eat it while I went to fetch the camera.


  1. The photo of the willow tree is lovely! i like old, gnarly trees with history. This one looks like it could tell some stories! I am glad you joined blotanical. You always have something to contribute - no one else has your garden. I felt a lot like you at first. If you want, go into my archives and click on "An award no lizard can give". It tells my blogging story.

  2. Hi Blue, just wanted to wish you a belated welcome to Blotanical.
    I started my blog 6 months ago, as a record of the garden in my new house. Originally it was just meant for my distant family and friends, they could get a look at it and hear my stories. But I have had so many wonderful visitors and recieved so many warm colmpliments, that it has turned into something else. When I have a problem or a decision to make in the garden, my readers are always ready to help out.
    I am sure that you will enjoy it, as we will enjoy your storys about your garden.