Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As I've said before, I'm quite proud of myFuschia cuttings - most of them that is. They mainly come from an unnamed variety which has been in a pot in my garden for years, she wasn't bought as a hardy variety but she must think she is to have survived for so long. she was looking a bit tired this summer, so I thought I'd take some cuttings in case she succumbed this winter.

This is the first batch of cuttings, mainly taken from the above plant, but with a couple of 'wild' pink flowered ones from a hedgerow.
Once this batch was up and running I got a little bit carried away and took a few from the golden leafed plant pictured below, I think she is Genii, but I may well be mistaken.

These are my little Genii cuttings, I'm going to try training them into standard plants. I've never attempted this before, so it will be interesting to see if it works and how long they take to make respectable plants. The book says Genii makes good standards, we shall see.
I'm feeding all my little babies with a home made concoction of nettle and comfrey leaves left in a tub of water for a few months. The water is then strained off and used as a plant feed. I'm using it in a mister as a foliar feed. I'm not sure how effective it is, but it doesn't seem to have had any bad effects yet.
Not content with this success the bug was still biting. There is a caravan site on one of our regular dog walks, one of the caravans has a collection of really outstanding Fuschia in the hedge.
So after the site had closed for winter, I decided to take some cuttings from here. (Yes I know it's stealing, but they were going to die back for winter anyway). I took 9 altogether, 3 from each of 3 different varieties and planted them up in 3's in large pots with polythene bag propogators over them. It was probably a little late in the season by this time, but I kept a check on them through the polythene and they seemed to be doing well. Yesterday I decided to take the polythene off and this is what was underneath. Justice has been served!

Any ideas what the unidentified seedlings are?


  1. Your post inspires me to take some cuttings from my fuschias.As for the last part of your post, I would call it pinching. Everyone knows that pinching/pruning is good for the majority of plants. Good luck with your cutings!

  2. Fushias are so easy to take from cuttings - I was lazy this year and didn't take any. I look forward to seeing them growing throughout the spring through the blog