Thursday, July 4, 2013

An afternoon in the front garden

At last my front garden is recovering from the effects of the builders mixing cement on the lawn earlier this year.

When I came home at lunchtime today this little person was sitting in the middle of the lawn
I didn't think much of his chances if Smudge

saw him there so I moved him to a spot under the hedge near to where I have seen his parents looking for food. A little while later I thought he was reunited with his mother when I saw her feeding this little person in the ivy on the Ash tree
It turned out to be his brother. Altogether I found three little baby blackbirds. I hope that their mother manages to find all of them.
Later on while I was weeding under another hedge I found this nest

It's made from hair from my horse's mane, fur from my dog and is lined with moss and clematis seeds. It is very small I think it must either belong to a wren or a mouse. It was attached to some goose grass and I disturbed it when I pulled the goose grass up. Luckily nothing was in it and I put it back as near as I could to where I found it. 
And finally some views around the front garden. 

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