Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Breakfast Time this morning

There was a Red Admiral in the garden this morning while I was having my breakfast. I didn't see any last summer, let's hope he is the first of many. Unfortunately he didn't stay around to have his photo taken. I did manage to photograph this one though.

 And now for a quick tour round the garden today.
 This is Lady Emma Hamilton. She was a birthday present and has a lovely peachy smell. The first flower started to go over a couple of days ago and was the first to go in the rose petal wine along with some Rosa rugosa and another of the old English roses whose name I can never remember.
 Looking towards the bottom of the garden.
 Evening Primrose, the first one to flower.
 Maltese cross, Cape fuchsia and a pink geranium.
 Yellow flag iris.

 That rose whose name I can never remember.
 The remains of breakfast. Isn't it lovely eating in the garden, it gets the day off to a good start.
 Red honeysuckle.

Meet Ferrero and Roche. They moved into my garden about a month ago. They seem quite happy in the old water butt and have grown quite a bit. Smudge doesn't know they are there! 

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