Monday, February 28, 2011

The first daffodils are out! What a difference the sun makes, the garden is looking so much more cheerful today.

This little clump of crocus greets visitors as they walk in the gate.

These two primula and the violet are new additions to the garden this year.

I hope they will be happy and spread a bit.

As it was so nice today, I did a bit of tidying up, removing dead leaves and sweeping paths. Then I transplanted these spinach seedlings from trays to some compost in the cold frame, I hope I haven't upset them.

It was so nice outside I decided to have lunch in the garden. Finn is making sure the birds don't steel the cake!

Smudge thought it was time to sunbathe,

And for once Tara agreed with him!

It's so good to get out in the garden again.

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