Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here are some of the pictures of the month.

The dragon likes basking in the sun by my suntrap.
Smudge is enjoying the sun aswell
The Ajuga is taking over my remembrance corner.
The first brave primroses hiding one of Finn's toys.

Another dragon in the sun under the baytree.

The helebore is in flower at last.
And this is the first time this one has flowered.
Round to the front and Smudge is coming to meet me.
Elephants ears.

The second batch of daffodils.

And last but not least I bought a packet of crocus for 49pence at the beginning of December and decided it was too late to plant them outside , these 3 I grew like hyacinths in water and planted the rest in pots. Some I gave as Christmas presents but the ones I kept have given a show worth ten times the price I paid for them.

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