Thursday, February 17, 2011


The garden seems so much slower coming to life this year, everywhere is damp and claggy,but the snowdrops are out and things are starting to shoot again. The weeds are doing quite well, but the ground is too wet to do anything about them, so it looks like I'm going to be eating a lot of Dandelion salad! I did quite a pallatable Dandelion wine last year aswell, although I would prefer them NOT to flower. Despite adding copious amounts of compost I have quite a heavy clay soil which according to the RHS course I did is rich in nutrients but not good to work when waterlogged as the soil structure will be destroyed.
This is all getting a bit technical so let's get back to what is actually happening. I've started having a superficial clear up, just removing dead leaves. I thought I had lost all my Fuschias which I had left out all winter because of lack of room indoors. I did cover them with dead leaves to try to protect them a bit, but they're starting to shoot! Not all of them admitedly, but I haven't given up hope as I supose it is still a bit early yet. The Auilega are shooting well aswell and the primroses are starting to bud. The Winter flowering Pansies have not given such a good show as last year but they are still struggling on.
And yesterday morning I discovered the frogspawn in the bath! Spring is definately round the corner.

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