Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring is springing

There is frogspawn in the bath this morning. I was beginning to wonder whether I was going to get any this year as it has been in the ditch in the fieldat the end of my road for a couple of weeks. 
Ferrero and Roche the goldfish are beginning to be a bit more active now as well although they were a bit camera shy this afternoon. 

The spring bulbs are starting to flower now. The crocus have been out for a few days, closely followed by the hyacinths although some are quicker than others. The first daffodils opened up this morning. 

The helebores are flowering well, I've ordered more so hopefully next year I'll have a carpet of them covering the whole patch outside my front door.
The elephants ears are doing well by the front gate. They should probably be split up soon but they seem so happy there I don't like to disturb them! That seems to be the only place they like.
There's something else that I really must split before long, the day lily. It hasn't been flowering as wellas usual for the last couple of years.

Finn and Smudge were enjoying the sun this afternoon as well. 

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