Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday in my garden (shed)

It was a wet and windy day yesterday, so I spent some time in my candlewokshop in my garden shed.
Here is a selection of the candles I have made there.

From the window I get a good view of all that is happening in the garden without disturbing any visitors to the bird feeders.There is usually a steady stream of sparrows,and  bluetits with the occaisional great tit. So far this year I haven't seen any chaffinch or greenfinch.
Inside the shed there is a gathering of snails who seem to delight in eating the labels from the candle perfume bottles! Also, as I found to my expense, it seems to be a favored place for sleepy wasps, one of which I woke up as I picked up a packet of dye!
The gas cooker I use to melt thewax makes it nice and warm even on the coldest of days and the shed is filled with whichever perfume I am using at the time_ Pine at the moment ready for Christmas.

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