Sunday, November 1, 2015

1st November

Well it's1st November today and it's so warm I'm sitting in the garden having breakfast thinking about all the jobs that need doing .I haven't been out here much this summer and it's all got a bit more jungleified than even I like.  Since my last post I've lost my faithful friend and helper, Finn but as you can see Rogan is poised to take over. 

Every thing needs drastically cutting back 

So I made a start by attacking the Rosa rugosa, which has jasmine growing through it and swamping it. 

Started making this frame for the jasmine and honeysuckle to climb up when it's sorted. 
 Every thing I cut down, I put through my new shredder and spread over the flower beds in the front garden
 That's the fuchsias put to bed for the winter.

And here's the vibernum in full flower and smelling divine as you walk through the front gate. 


  1. We didn't realize Finn had departed, we are sorry for your loss, have a blessed and peaceful fall.

    Nuk & Family

    1. Thankyou, he was very brave fighting his cdrm, but it all got too much for him and we said our goodbyes on September 10th. He is much missed