Monday, November 18, 2013


This was my Ash tree last week.
 This is what the council have done to it now. All because my next door neighbours didn't like it. No matter that it was perfectly healthy when Ash die back disease is sweeping the country. No matter that it was home to a whole host of native wildlife. No matter that the sparrows found shelter in the ivy growing up it at a time when we are supposed to be helping protect them.
 I tried to put a preservation order on it but the only response I got was that they wouldn't go against another government department.
Now my garden has a big gaping emptiness in the corner and a lot of homeless birds. My house is depressing as the light is harsh and unfiltered whereas before it played through the leaves and made moving shadows on the walls. It is also un protected from the weather and feels vulnerable.
I will no longer be able to sit in bed on a Sunday morning with my cup of tea watching the birds flit amongst the branches. Instead the sun will shine straight into my eyes and dazzle me.
But it's alright. neighbours are happy!

Has anyone got any ideas how I can put the magic back in the garden? ?At the moment I am feeling rather dispirited.  

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