Sunday, September 16, 2012

August in bloom

Welcome to my garden.
 The weather this summer hasn't inspired me to go into the garden very much let alone write about it, but here are some pictures I managed to take last month. The honeysuckle and jasmine didn't last as long this year as they did last year, but this seems to have been the case with everything in my garden.

 My garden had a weird compliment when a friend was trying to repair my front gate, 'Your garden has too many butterflies'!!!!! Can a garden have too many? I rather like to see them fluttering around, a garden may  be packed with flowers but to me without a bit of movement from either birds or butterflies it's a dead place. So far this year I've seen the small tortoiseshell pictured below, Peacock, Red Admiral, Cabbage white, Common blue and Wall brown  which settles on me while I am sitting reading. The Peacock and Red Admiral like to bask in the sun on the front of the house. I staggered the pruning of the Buddlea this year to try to prolong the flowering season I think it's worked .
The son has got his hat on.....
 and so has Finn and  friend.
 And lastly I found this little visitor hiding in the undergrowth.

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