Tuesday, June 12, 2012

R.I.P. Tara Cat

Tara my old cat passed away yesterday. I'm not exactly sure how old she was but it must be somewhere between 18 and 20 which is quite a good age for a cat. She had gone very thin and was suffering from feline alzheimers but she was still enjoying life and would still go visiting her numerous friends. She loved sitting with the children of the road and would still conscientiously patrol her territory although if anyone fed her she would go to sleep and forget to come home! So it was very upsetting when she came home on Sunday night with a broken back leg. Not being strong enough to undergo surgery we did the only thing possible and took her for that final trip to the vet. 
I brought her home and laid her to rest in the garden next to one of my David Austen roses which I bought a couple of months ago. The children are all devastated and all day they have been asking if they can see where she is buried and say goodbye to her. Jake made her a little headstone and laid some flowers over her!

 The rose I buried her next to has been in bud for a couple of weeks now, but when I went out this morning the first flower had just opened! It smells divine.

R.I.P. Tara Cat.

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