Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Trip Around The Front Garden

These are the daisies I planted last September, I've been really pleased with them, as they have flowered all winter, unlike the winter flowering pansies which I planted at the same time. I'm hoping I'll be able to divide them up and keep them going for next year when they finish flowering.
 My cold frame was falling to pieces and all my seedlings were being eaten by slugs,(I hate slugs), so I broke it up and have put some pots in it's place. There are my two free clematis and the fuschia Hawkshead plug plants I got from Country Living magazine hardening off as well. In the other pots are my fuschias I have kept from last year, some sweat pea seedlings and some mint I have been given from Dee's garden.
 The wallflower are getting too leggy so when they have finished flowering I am going to be ruthless and pull them up and replace them for next year.
 I have been very busy tidying up along the path, isn't it amazing how many flower pots, plastic sacks and other debris get put down waiting to be moved later?
 The Ajuga loves it here and is threatening to take over.
 And last but not least, there are still some bluebells in flower, although in the back garden they are starting to go to seed.

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