Thursday, December 3, 2009

Between the Showers

I was just about to take Finn for a walk yesterday when I spotted this rainbow,

so I grabbed my camera and took the following pictures while the sun was shining.

I hope I've caught the effect of the sun on the wet leaves.

This week has been another week of gale force winds and driving rain with not much opportunity to do anything outside.

The archway which supports the clematis has collapsed. I.m not sure what to do about it as it has buckled under the strain.

I did pick up another of those cute little double primroses at the market this week for my tub outside the front door, also another cyclamen and a primula which I am assured will flower all winter! The cyclamen are all coming into bud now, if you peek under the leaves you can see them starting to push through. Also there is one flower on one of the wallflower.
I did manage to repot my little Fuschia cuttings I took about a month ago, as you can see they look quite happy, there were two that didn't make it though. I'm determined to have some colour in the garden next summer!

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